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The key element to unleashing the power of WordPress is choosing the right theme. The WordPress theme will decide several things about your website including functionality, look, and design, usability, SEO, etc. Therefore it's extremely important to pick out a first-class WordPress theme if you want to succeed with your site. If you would like to take your WP site one stage further, Elegant Themes is one of the best premium theme shops out there with 76+ original WordPress themes with unique design and functionality. Elegant Themes is a great alternative to high-priced custom WordPress themes but is loaded with many outstanding features. It is owned by the expert WordPress theme designer, Nick Roach. Just for $39.95, you will get limitless access to 76+ top quality WordPress themes and every theme he offers for the following year.

Features of Elegant Themes

This is a vital element of ElegantThemes because everyone wants their site to look neat and pleasant, particularly if you're a magazine website. Elegantthemes's WordPress themes for magazines avoid the feeling of clutter by using clean elements along with a strict grid. These themes are designed professionally and absolutely as good as or a lot better than the best WordPress themes or templates you'll find everywhere on the net. They're both functional and fancy as well.

Each theme comes with many choices. These can be seen in a great looking editor called the 'ePanel'. Using this feature, you can indicate publish counts, logos under General-Configurations, modify link order and custom menus under Navigation, build a customized structure by using Layout, bring banner ads through Ad Management, manage Search-Engine optimization and much more.

Built-in Shortcodes

The plus side to ElegantThemes is you create quite complex layouts without having to write even a single line of code. While using the built-in shortcodes, the entire process of creating layout becomes quite simple. Also, it makes your website look attractive and professional simultaneously. And you also don't spend a penny separately for this feature.

Page Templates

Elegant Themes ensures that it is easy for you to create different styles and designs of pages on your own WP website by applying their pre-designed web page templates. Just pick from a range of templates when designing and it'll be formatted and styled automatically.

Element Colorization

Using the easy and quick jQuery color selector, it is simple to personalize the colors of the elements in the theme just at a mouse click, with no previous website design experience.

Navigation Management

With this feature, you can enjoy having total control over the navigation menus. Select which links to show, adjust their particular display order, turn off top tier weblinks for only organizational dropdown selection and much more.

Image Gallery

Creating a stunning and purposeful image gallery has never been so cool. You can now apply the image gallery template to your own page and choose to fill the webpage with image posts through any category. This image gallery template is enhanced with engaging animations as well as light-box effects.

Search Engine Friendly

It is essential to select a WP theme that's Search Engine friendly, especially if you're running an online store. ElegantThemes has a range of eCommerce WordPress themes and proven itself to be search-engine friendly by having a clean-coded layout and loads of SEO options such as easy meta-tag customization. If you're focused on internet search-engine traffic (and who isn't?), ElegantThemes is an excellent option.

Multiple Languages

Not everybody lives in an English-laden world. WP themes from ElegantThemes are localized, which makes it simple for them to be translated into any language you need.


Support is essential for almost any online product. 8+ technical supporters providing unlimited and excellent support is definitely the most outstanding feature of Elegant Themes. Nick Roach is just efficient at responding to the demands, as well as the support community and forums helps as well.

Members Area

Right after getting the registration info, you can instantly login to the member's area. Here, you will find your membership info, links to the discussion board and tutorials. You will also find all of the WP themes from Elegant Themes in this section.


Won't you love to get 76 premium themes just for $39.5. This is the most amazing benefit of utilizing Elegant Themes, if you do not like a theme then use another - a lot of themes to pick from.

In a nutshell, they're fresh, functional, easy to use, robust and look great along with unlimited professional support. If you're looking to download themes for the WordPress website, then Elegant Themes is definitely worth considering.

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